5 Tips to Find a Premium Used Car

Have you been looking for a brand new car? It may be that maintenance cost for your old one is sucking up a good part of your earning.

You start window shopping but are yet to find out a good car that is within reach of your affordability. Will you want to change your budget and be ready to cough out more money? Or will you continue searching?

I’ve been in the same dilemma a few years ago. My then new Mercedes was having a lot of problems and when things got worse, I thought a new ‘used’ purchase would be a more cost-excellent choice instead of repairing an old item.

Now let me guide you where to start from:

Set a budget

Many people get crazy during car shopping. They spend more than what they can comfortably afford. If your current car is giving you troubles, you may be daydreaming about a brand new vehicle that will always be free of problems and your imagination just gets wild.

Without a concrete budget, you will tend to overspend. So it is important for you to set a budget and stick to it. Expensive models will lure your attention but it is you who must not be swayed by the glitter and stay firm by your preset budget.

Start searching earlier

It is never easy to get a car that will suit your taste and budget both. So, start searching earlier before your current vehicle breathes its last. You have to wag your glance over several cars in order to snap up a great deal and it may take months or more. Check newspaper listing, car lots and Craigslist. Search every possible place where you can find a good deal for a new-to-you car. Don’t hurry, instead go slow and consider your options.

Spend time on research

Every car has some advantages. Some models offer good mileage whereas other makes are immune to lot of use. There are lots of makes and models to attract your lustful glances but you need to be reticent and narrow your choices down to a few ones. Research on them, find out their pros and cons and finally decide your pick.

Ask for expert’s advice

Ask someone to accompany you when you are out for car shopping. Let him drive your car for test and he/she will find out if there is any problem. If the expert gives a green signal, you can be sure that it is going to be 100% right vehicle for you.


The sellers set a markup price on their used cars to leave room for negotiations. If you find out a used car of your choice, make sure to bargain on the price and negotiate it down to the range of your affordability.