5 Unique Ways To Earn More As A Stay At Home Mom

Moms know it is important to stay at home with their kids, but they may be experiencing financial difficulties because of this decision. However, they can be their children’s main caregiver and also earn money from home. With the talents they already possess, moms have what they need to begin a steady business from their homes.

1. Sell Products and Services Online

Many websites offer people a chance to create their own online stores where they sell products that they create. Moms who make things like baby slings have created successful stay at home careers making and selling their wares, and they have found that it is extremely easy to do. This offers a great opportunity for photographers. Moms who take pictures can open an account to create their own stores and add their beautiful photographs to bags, t shirts, mugs or postcards.

Some people don’t think they have any talent to make things, but they can begin a career selling products online too. Kids outgrow their toys and clothes at a record pace, and these items begin to clutter the house. Moms can clear out the old clutter and make way for the new by selling these items in online auctions. Or they can offer them to people through online classified ads.

Some people have a service that they can provide online. For example, a former teacher who decides to stay home with her babies can become an online tutor. The Internet offers them several ways that they can market themselves with the social networking websites. They can also offer their services to a website as an independent contractor.

2. Start a Blog

For those who are an expert in a particular subject, blogging is a way that Moms can share that knowledge with the world and earn money at the same time. A blog will require that they maintain it and add new content on a fairly regular basis. If they really enjoy the subject, this should not be difficult to do. Moms will be able to contribute to their blogs at any time of the day when they are at home, so it offers them incredible flexibility.

3. Become a Mystery Shopper

Moms who stay at home are largely responsible for the shopping, so becoming a mystery shopper will be second nature to them. These moms can perform their duties during the day or night, on the weekdays or the weekends. They can choose the jobs that are convenient for them and turn down the ones that are not appealing.

What are the duties of a mystery shopper? Mystery shoppers enter the store and pretend to shop. What they are actually doing is observing the behavior of the store’s employees. They may need to purchase something, but they will be reimbursed for this expense. When they go home, they write up a short report for the company, and their job is done. Moms may even be able to mystery shop their favorite restaurants.

4. Become a Mock Juror

Before lawyers go to trial, they like to gauge what possible jurors may think of their cases. One way that these attorneys do this is by using the online services of mock jurors. Moms sign up on mock juror websites and wait to be notified that they are needed to judge a case. When they are chosen, they will answer a questionnaire and be compensated very well for their time.

5. Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Moms who have left careers in the medical field may enjoy becoming a medical transcriptionist. Doctors’ offices, hospitals and other companies offering medical services need people who can type audio reports from home on a regular basis. This job provides moms with the chance to set their own hours and see to their children’s needs throughout the day. The fact that it is in the medical field means that it is within an industry that never seems to slow down even when the rest of the economy may be experiencing a recession.

Moms who want to stay at home with their children have many options for making money at home. If they do not have a talent that they can use to create unique items to sell online, they, most likely, have specialized knowledge that they can share. They only need to take some time to discover what they enjoy and find the manner in which they will present themselves online.