5 Well-Known Personal Finance Apps to Meet Up All Your Financial Requirements

Money matters are complicated for all – whether they are ordinary people, business professionals or investment bankers.

One can have multiple accounts because of diversified financial portfolio including investments, billings, financial shares, etc. Managing all these can be difficult. Ever found yourself in this sort of a situation?

Well, personal finance apps allows you to reduce the amount of trouble by organizing and managing things in a proper and non-complicated way. Basically, these are meant for saving your valuable time by keeping you away from the tedious task of managing daily finances.

Have a look at the top-rated personal financial apps below.


Mint is a well-recognized personal finance app that’s only available to people from the US. The app is easy-to-access and its features are also simple to learn. This is an absolutely free app, which can be used through any web browser. The app is available to Windows, Android and iOS users.

Benefits associated:

  • The Mint software, providing graphs and charts for showing the trends, is ideal for both short term plans and long term goals.
  • It can fetch automatic updates.You can utilize this feature for the real-time transactions.
  • You can also keep yourself updated with the help of the text alerts. All your relevant queries can get proper answer through live chat assistance.
  • Moreover, this is a personal app that can identify the financial requirements of an individual and work accordingly..

For getting access to this app, click here.


Well, this app works in diverse ways. This is somewhat different from the previously mentioned one.

Working area:

  • You won’t be capable of tracking your monetary details. Rather, this is all about budgeting.
  • This app would also help you to record your budgetary facts by paving your way for future saving.
  • Actually, it will support you to make a proper and productive plan for your future expenses.

However, keep in mind that the app is not free like Mint and you can avail a 34 day trial session. Thereafter, you need to pay either $5 a month or $50 a year. For comprehensive details and understanding, it would obviously be better to take assistance from the free webinars. Download the free trial version by clicking here.


Quicken, a downloadable finance app programme is not free. People are using the software for decades and tons of positive aspects are closely linked to three distinct versions of this software. Quicken is owned by the industry giant Intruit, which also developed the Mint software.

The three different versions include the Starter edition ($39.99), the Deluxe edition ($74.99), and the Premier edition ($104.99). These three editions encapsulate all your financial requirements and mollify separate financial demands of yours.


  • This mobile app can automatically categorize the expenses and generate automatic bill reminders; the latter is of huge importance.
  • It can keep the bank and credit card account details in one place, so that users don’t have to bother much.
  • Free customer service along with 100% satisfaction guarantee are the other benefits associated with this made-to-order app.

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Personal Capital:

This is another software, essentially meant for the U.S people. Personal Capital, founded by Bill Harris, emphasizes the net worth, not the budget.


  • It will allow you to manage your financial life by making it quite strong and boosted.
  • It focuses on each and every necessary detail including debt, expenses, savings, cash management, financial planning, investment, etc.
  • Besides, you can track all your transaction details with its dashboard application. You can check all your financial or monetary records both in percentages and in real dollars.

So, this is needless to mention that this personal software is important for enhanced monetary dealing. Last but not the least, this is considered as one of the best finance apps for not only desktop users but also for mobile users.

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Prosper Daily:

Prosper Daily is a free mobile app that can work in an excellent way. This app is particularly formulated to keep the record of your spending. A list of all your recent transactions would be shown after you visit the page of this fun tool.

Your spending will be categorized properly and in addition, you’d be able to compare your current expenditure to the previous expenditure. So, this is a tool worth considering. Try out this app. Just click on and have an access now!


You should select a personal finance software only after judging your financial needs properly. Your requirements can be varied and so can be the functional areas of the finance tools. Besides, before opting for an important tool, search online and investigate the security of that programme. Remember, the setup process may take some time. So, be patient and wait for the installation.