Binary Trading and Understanding Assets

It is possible to trade currencies, commodities and even stocks with binary options trading. It is a very versatile investment opportunity which can be undertaken by virtually anyone and involves a wide range of assets which can serve to increase your chance of successful trades as well as make your investments more interesting.

There are a variety of assets which can be traded:


The currency market is a very popular form of trading, whether you investing in the stock market or in binary options. To trade in currencies it is essential to have access to the FOREX, this is the name traders give to the Foreign Exchange. This exchange will provide a comparison of two currencies and display a ratio; much like you would see if you were looking to trade your US$ for Euros. Once this has been established you will need to look at the two currencies and see what factors are coming into play in each country that may affect the strength of the currency. If one currency is likely to weaken, meaning the relationship between the two will change, and then you have an opportunity to place a trade and, potentially, earn a return on your investment.

The principle is relatively simple making this a good starting point for any inexperienced trader.

Stocks and Shares

Trading on the stock exchange means identifying companies with strong portfolios who are likely to see a steady increase in their share price as they continue to improve. Of course, there are also the long shots where a small business is just starting on the stock market and could do very well; but equally, may fail!  Your money is made by selling the shares at a higher price than you paid for them.

The same principle applies in binary trading. You need to locate a pattern in the available shares and purchase them before they rise or fall in price, assuming you have correctly predicted the resulting action.  Understanding what influences a company, market sector and the economy in general will help you to make the right trade choices.


This is a traditional investment opportunity adapted to fit the binary options trading world. In this market there is usually very little movement making this a good starting point for new traders. You can choose to predict that a commodity will not move enough to touch a specific price or you can simply choose to predict it will rise or fall in price; even if only minutely.


The final option when it comes to trading in binary options is indices. This is an example of trading on the market movements, rather than an individual company’s movements.  It is another good place to start trading as it is considered to be a low risk trade option.  However, an understanding of how markets operate does help you to anticipate stock movements and their relation to the overall economy; allowing you to place the most appropriate trade for any given circumstance. Having this level of knowledge can make indices trading an excellent choice to diversify and spread your own risk. It is also possible to make predictions on what the market will be doing in three months time; this can be exceptionally difficult and is not usually something that a new trader would attempt.

Understanding the different types of assets will, at least, allow you to plan the best strategy for your binary trading investments. The best approach is to use a trial account to ensure you are on the right track and really do understand the options available.