Building A Bench For The Family Diy Handyman Project For The Weekend

Benches make the garden areas complete where the family can rest and enjoy some quality time with each other. With some normal day stuffs, building a bench becomes really easy and almost free of cost. Here’s listing simple steps that can help you build your own bench on a weekend.


Is your garden missing a bench where you can sit back and relax with your family? Well if yes, we certainly have a simple bench making technique for you that will guide you to design your own family bench easily.

Things That You Require

  • Wooden lumbers
  • Screws/Nails
  • Drill set
  • Tape measure
  • Circular saw/hand saw
  • Adhesive
  • Silicon paint

Once you are equipped with all the mentioned requirements, you are ready to design the bench for your family.

Arrange the Parts of Bench

Firstly, with the help of a circular saw you need  to cut four equally sized legs, two seat supports that should be slightly short than the corresponding side aprons and the planks that will go as the bench tops. For instance we take measurements of side aprons as 55 x1 inches and end aprons as 15 x1 inches. Because the ends are about one inch thick you need to have the seat supports a bit short than the side aprons.

Framing the Bench

Frame the bench top with the two equal side aprons and end aprons with the help of drill set and screws. This will give you with a rectangular figure which will act as the frame of the bench. Now add the two seat supports to the frame parallel to the side aprons so that they fit inside the frame.

Designing the Top

Once done with the frame, the next in line is designing the bench top. According to the area of your frame you can have divided rectangular planks that will cover up the frame. Starting from one end of the frame, nail down the planks to the side aprons as well as the seat supporters. The width of planks can depend upon the choice of an individual, but the lengths should always be a bit lengthier than the length of frame.

Adding the Legs

When the frame is completed you need to turn it around and fasten the sides and apron ends with screws. This will give the frame a more firm hold for the legs. Now at each end of the frame fasten the legs with screws that are about 2 inches in length. You can even use adhesive with screws for a better hold. Once done with this you can turn the table upwards and see if the legs are firm at their place.

Finishing of the Bench

If you notice some moment with the legs of the bench, you can clear it up with a cross bar. Take wooden lumbers measuring the distance between the legs and fasten them to the legs as an internal frame at the bottom. This will distribute the weight evenly and make the bench stand firmly. Now with some silicon paint, you can add touch ups to cover the screw marks and you bench is complete to be placed in your garden.