Tips for Repairing Poor Credit

There are a few things having a poor credit score can affect – the ability to get a loan or a good rate, personal finance for a car or trouble with renting. But if you do have a poor or thin credit score (a thin credit score is often down to not having enough credit … Read more

How To Improve Your Credit Score

Before we look at ways to improve our credit score, we must first understand what is a credit score? A credit score in simple terms is an estimation of an individuals creditworthiness, which is arrived at by using a mathematical estimation based on a detailed analysis of ones credit files. A high credit score is … Read more

How to Remove the Late Payments from Your Credit Report

Your payment history makes up 35% of the credit report. That’s the reason financial experts insist you to pay your debt in time. What happens when you make a late payment? You pay a penalty for that. What else? Your credit score suffers. Late payment myths There are some myths around late payments, which I’m … Read more

Credit Card Rules for The Newlywed Couples

The survival of a new marriage depends upon a lot more things than just dividing the household chores. A discussion about money management and handling the credit cards are also essential for facing all the troubles of a conjugal life. So, setting up some credit rules might actually help the newlyweds to get out of … Read more

How To Rebuild Your Credit In 10 Simple Steps

Credit is a better projection of your financial status and how much efficient you are at managing the same. If it is not up to the mark, you will have to struggle hard to get a loan, no matter what purpose you are seeking it for. Rebuilding credit is a time consuming process but paying … Read more

How to Monitor Your Credit? Here Are The Simple Methods For You To Follow.

Some people hold the opinion that credit monitoring is optional. They are wrong. Credit monitoring is necessary because we are living in a digital world which provides hundreds and thousands of opportunities to data thieves to steal individual’s data. By monitoring your own credit, you reduce dependence on the credit card issuers, credit bureaus as … Read more

Common Habits that May Damage Your Credit Score

Ruining your credit score doesn’t take too much effort, as opposed to building it up. A damaged credit score poses a lot of troubles, especially if you’re looking to take on a loan for a business or a house. In Australia, if your score is above 700, then you have nothing to worry about. Most … Read more

A Guide To The Prepaid Travel Credit Card

A prepaid credit card is exactly what the name implies. You load cash onto one of these cards and then use it just like a traditional credit or debit card. Every time you purchase services or goods, the purchase amount will be automatically deducted from your card. You can only spend up to the card`s … Read more