Five Ways That Being Green Can Help You Save A Load Of Money

There are many people worried about money in this day and age, so it is important to make sure that you are doing everything possible to stay afloat in this sinking economy. Many people turn to rash methods in order to stay afloat such as payday loans or using one credit card to pay off another meaning that you are always caught in the strong grip of debt, spiralling towards bankruptcy. What you have to focus on is reducing your spending without increasing our outgoings, here are some great tips on how to do this whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

Start by being energy efficient around the home. This will be all about your disciplined mentality and your long term plans. If you own the house you are living in you might want to consider installing a more eco friendly boiler and insulating well. Although this can be quite an investment it will save massively on your energy bills. If on the other hand you don’t own the house in question you can try and change all the light bulbs to energy saving halogen bulbs. These tend to use about a tenth of the power of regular bulbs, so you should quickly start to see a reduction in bills after a small investment.

Apart from this, around the house there are some really simple ways to save energy by simply being organized. Turn the lights off when you leave a room and close the doors behind yourself. This will help reduce your electricity bills as well as keep the room temperature high so you don’t have to turn the thermostat up. If you accurately time when your boiler comes on, you will also be able make sure that you are only heating your house when someone is in it and you are awake. Also if you get used to walking round with an extra layer on as well as warm slippers, you will be able to turn the heat down a few more degrees, saving you those extra cents that all add up.

Another option that will help saves you money as well as help the environment, is organizing your transport to and from work. For example car sharing will reduce your petrol bills in half straight away without having to do anything at all. You may also want to consider public transport if you live in a busy city. Often there will be monthly deals that you can save even more money, and you won’t have to be stuck needlessly in traffic jams wasting fuel whilst you go nowhere!