Funeral Expenses: Planning It Your Own Way

Even death is an expensive business, and while we have to worry about living, surviving and feeding most of our life, we also have to worry about dying – and a good way to depart is to do so on your own terms. Not that we get to decide when and how to die, but rather, we  must plan what will happen after our death, how the funeral will take place, expenses that will be incurred, and most importantly who will pay for it all.

As a self-sufficient person who has taken care of themselves their whole life, we should take care of our funeral expenses as well so that no one has to worry and fret about the money when you are parting from the world. But then how can we do that?

Here are some smart ways to make your funeral least trouble for anyone else–especially the grievers–and to let your loved ones mourn your death in peace:

Pay For Your Funeral In Advance:

And no we are not referring to pre-paid funeral. Begin the pre-arrangement for your funeral by first paying for it in form of insurance. Funeral insurance works just like any other insurance where you have to pay the premium on monthly basis and upon your death, your closest relative (or fiend) will receive a lump sum amount to arrange for the funeral just the way you planned it which brings us to our next useful tip.

No need for Funeral Director:

Most people immediately call a funeral director upon someone’s death, though it is not a legal requirement if the death occurred in a hospital or any other medical facility. If, though, the event of death was at one’s home, then calling a funeral director is necessary. You can decide accordingly as you see fit and as long as it is according to the state laws.

Cremation or Burial:

If money is a problem then cremation is the choice most people take because it is relatively more affordable. Those who want proper memorialisation go for burial as it lets the remains mark a spot for the departed soul. Both procedures require proper legal process. You need to decide which one you would like to have for yourself and inform the person you trust with your funeral arrangements.

Decide your final resting place:

Death can occur anywhere in the world and we all wish to bury in a place that is close to our heart. Decide where you would like your relatives to bury you or where you want your ashes to be. It’s your call and make sure you make it before you part form this world.

What will be your Epitaph?

“Excuse my dust” is the epitaph that the famed writer Dorothy Parker chose for herself.   These are by all means your final words and you can decide what message you’d like to leave for your folks.

It sounds considerably sad and frightening to think about your death, but it doesn’t have to be. You might not have a choice to decide the fate of your life but you can definitely decide how you will like to leave the world on your own terms and conditions.