Great Ways How To Save Money On Eyeglasses

If you have a bad eyesight prescription eyeglasses are one of those things that you absolutely need (if you want to be able to see, that is). Usually you would wear your glasses all day long, so it is very important that they are stylish yet universally compatible with your wardrobe, as well as flattering to your face shape and skin color.

But glasses are also quite fragile and can break rather easily so you don’t want to spend too much money on them as eyeglasses can get very expensive. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways how you can save money on your prescription glasses purchases, and still get a stylish, flattering pair that does not break the bank.

Go online!

The best tip for those looking to save money on eyeglasses is to make your purchases online. Online retailers can offer better prices because they do not have to worry about the overhead costs of maintaining and staffing physical locations, for the same reason they can also offer a greater variety of goods and not just what happens to be in stock that day. Online retailers are also notorious for offering special sales and deals tied to special occasions, so be on the lookout, and get awesome glasses for a fraction of the price! If you are concerned about the trustworthiness of an online seller, do a quick company check, look up retail groups like Luxottica and Pearle Vision beforehand.

Of course, since eyeglasses are so prominently featured on your face, you do not want to buy a pair online without trying them on. A good thing to do is try on a few pairs – whether at a local retailer, or a vintage store, or just some borrowed from friends – and get a good idea of what shapes, sizes, and colors look good on you. The coolest looking glasses on the picture could look terrible on you – and simple looking glasses might actually really flatter your face shape and skin color! There is no way to tell until you try them on – but wait until you get home to your computer before actually making the purchase!

Look before you buy

Regardless of whether you decide to buy online or in a store, the best thing that you should do is price compare. Different stores might be offering similar or identical frames for vastly different prices. They might be having a special sale, or offering coupons with a great deal. When you are eyeglass shopping, keep an eye out for any special deals, scan your local newspaper for coupons, and check out the website of any place you might be shopping to see if they have a sale coming up. There is nothing worse than paying full price for something that goes on sale two weeks later!

Check your health care

Finally, make sure to carefully review the benefits offered to you by your health care plan. Many private and public health care plans cover eyewear expenses, or at least will allow you to buy a new pair of glasses tax free! This is something many people overlook, but is a great way to save money!