How Asset Managers are Sending Critical Financial Information with Text Messaging

In modern business, consumers need up-to-date financial information. Now, asset managers are driving communications, investment management and account inquiries via text message. SMS is big. It’s really big. Companies implementing SMS marketing techniques are expected to contribute to 40 percent of revenue growth rates in 2017, sparking the new world of intuitive, secure financial discussion.

Human capital requires tracking, and asset managers are implementing long-term text platforms to display financial information, secure transactions and offer follow-up support for customers. Text banking, alone, has become incredibly popular in recent years. Buyers are requesting account information through SMS, and they’re expecting the same from businesses, too.

The Platform

SMS-based financial management isn’t new, but it’s benefiting from new innovations. Real-world marketing campaigns are boosting the customer’s “text savviness,” creating dynamic atmospheres for real-time transfer information. 58 percent of consumers still prefer to talk to businesses via phone, and 99 percent of marketing trade show exhibitors state that modern platforms benefit from text messaging.

Bankers and business people alike are offering text-based commands. Users can check balances, see recent transactions, locate nearby ATM services and find business branches. Opt-in SMS services have totally redefined the way consumers view business interaction, and providers are managing assets with immediate, fluid responses.

Get Attention Immediately

By offering financial advice via text, asset managers can secure long-lasting communications. Unlike other business approaches, financial texting entices attention. It’s much more than a simple “response text.” By inputting keywords, your buyers can collect immediate information about pending transactions, ongoing payments and annual offers.

Financial texting connects consumers to their company-specific payments. Typically, the sign-up process takes only three steps. Tell your customers to send short codes, ask for information and receive free purchase statements. A slew of reasons support the adoption of company SMS platforms, ranging from increased ROI to cross-channel opportunities.

The Purchasing Perks

Buyers won’t settle for something that doesn’t benefit them. Fortunately, modern SMS solutions provide consumers protection, information and immediate access. Account information is available 24/7, and it’s incredibly simple to access. Following enrollment, users can expect the following:

  • Robust security
  • 24/7 account information
  • Low balance alerts
  • Payment transaction alerts
  • Deposit transaction alerts
  • Account transfer alerts

Because automated SMS systems offer organic interaction, consumers can obtain statements on multiple accounts, and on multiple occasions. Asset managers are crafting SMS outreach programs able to determine the user’s needs. When automation is used, a company’s financial platform is streamlined to benefit the customer. Whether the buyer is using a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, provided financial information matches the base platform—ensuring the customer is always updated.

The Big Picture

To manage assets, a business needs to analyze its audience. While all business strategies are different, an inherent need to track, respond to and provide for consumers will always exist. Mobile marketing customization, now, is the business world’s best chance at providing a totally consumer-centric atmosphere.

In offering financial support via SMS, your company can track its assets, understanding the behavior driving commerce. Modern analytical tools, often, are too strong. They “overshoot” their audience. Fortunately, automated SMS captures massive data amounts while segmenting users. Consumer-specific marketing, ironically, is the best way to gather information from the masses. Your financial assistance platform can determine device usage, hours of operation, cross-channel access and responses.

The mobile world is constantly growing, and its ever-increasing security is inspiring SMS interaction. Providers like Bank of America and Wells Fargo have lead the charge with mobile financing, and businesses are following suit. Simple opt-in services, now, are evolving the world. As your company expands, it should consider increasing options to procure long-lasting, watertight consumer solutions.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for sending financial advice?  I would love to read your comments below.

Sophorn is the marketing guy at  Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass mobile messaging, smart targeting and automation.