How To Cut Your Budget On Wedding Reception?

Wedding is a once in a life time affair. Thus it has great value and prime importance in our life. This fact is often proved by the heavy budgeted marriages seen all over the world, but at times this hefty sum paid for your own happiness turns into a burden, when you cross your financial limits. So, to make the happy moments the happiest ones, you need to remove or at least reduce the burden we impose on ourselves due to our own wishes or social customs. This can be easily achieved by giving us a lot of self satisfaction by undergoing a simple set of rules.

First of all we need to sit down with three groups of people including your own family, your partner and your partner’s family and decide on your maximum budget. This meeting should yield a categorization of your wedding requirements into 3 parts:

  1. Must be
  2. Can be
  3. Nice to be

Then we need to do a market survey both off net and online to find the minimum cost at different cases and therefore realign our plan according to our budget. In case we don’t find our voluntary match between our wishes and our budget, we can always consult or hire a wedding consultant or a wedding planner. Moreover we can save a hefty amount by designing our own wedding card. This process can really test our imagination and creativity while giving us optimum self satisfaction which gets us to another level of happiness.

Furthermore relatives or friends living at a distance place can be sent invitation by post or by e invitations reducing the transportation cost by a lot amount. On this great occasion, you can always turn to nature to save your decoration cost. Bonsai plants which are easily available and very attractive can be used for decoration purpose in the wedding. Moreover you can use flowers as decoration in your wedding saving decoration cost. You can always ask your friends and family members to do the honors by;

Giving your reception hall rent

Lending their own car

Driving you and your partner after your wedding

Doing the flower arrangements for you

Being the photographer or videographer in your wedding if it is their hobby

By this you not only save your money, but also bind yourself with that person in an intangible bond. Finally you can always plan your wedding reception on the weekends and in off season to get lower charges and by the same time, it will be fully convenient for others who leave far away to attend your wedding. You can also book your honeymoon travels through a travel agent who can always return the favor through a bulky discount or a free vacation.

So on the grand occasion of your marriage, by following a few steps, you can not only make this special day burden free for you, but make it once in a lifetime experience for your near and dear ones. Thus plan your wedding wisely, be burden free and enjoy with your partner.