How To Generate Good Quality Life Leads

Life insurance agents mostly work as commission agents. They get certain percentage of the average premium value as commission. Being a life insurance agent, if you want to earn a steady and good amount every month, you must endorse your products and services on regular basis so that you get new prospects interests in buying life insurance. These prospects are nothing but life leads.

Steps to lead generation

You may be interested in selling employer-funded group insurance policies which can provide you with huge return. At the same time, closing such a deal may take many weeks, sometimes even months and so waiting to get such a business is not worth. To ensure regular income, you should emphasize on selling individual policies. For this, you may opt for buying life insurance leads or create leads by your own. Here are the some of the steps that you may follow to generate leads for your insurance business and prosper remarkably.

How to Generate Good Quality Life Leads

Contact existing customers –

This is the most important part of running an insurance business. You must maintain good rapport with existing customers and be there with them whenever they need you. If you can satisfy your present customers by your products and services, you may ask them for recommendations. A satisfied customer is very likely to recommend you to his/her friends and family members who want to or need to buy a life insurance policy. Your existing customers can be the best advocates of your products and services.

Arrange seminars –

As the next step, you may arrange a seminar in a medium-budget hotel in your community or local chamber of commerce. Many insurance companies fund such seminars to help their agents and thus their products gain more exposure. Take advantage of this and get recognition as a life insurance expert in your locality. Once it is done, you can expect to get prospective local life leads to contact you.

Become a writer –

This is another good way to get both recognition and reputation as an insurance expert. Write articles for local publications and journals. Your write-ups should be informative and pertaining to latest insurance issues and controversies. You must include an author’s bio so that the readers can recognize you as an insurance agent serving that particular locality. If you have a website or an email address, use by-line to include them.

Learn well about your products –

As an insurance agent, you must know the ins and outs of every product you intend to sell. Along with the existing products, you should also know about the newly launched products so that you can convince your leads well about the benefits they can get from those products.

Purchase leads –

Since generating quality life insurance leads is a daunting and time-consuming task, you may opt for buying leads from a legitimate lead vendor. There are many local and online companies that sell pre-qualified insurance leads to the insurance agents. Sign up with any of those companies and purchase quality leads that can be easily turned into long-term customers.

A word of caution

If you’re planning to buy leads from a reputed lead generating company, make sure you contact the leads at the earliest possible. It would enhance your chance to close more numbers of deals in less time.