Know the Best Trading Strategy for your Binary Options Investment

There are many different strategies  ( e.g.  15 minute binary options strategy ) to choose from when finding the best way to invest in y options.  Knowing the one which works best for you is not always easy but the Candlestick technique is well worth looking at.  Although at first glance it may appear complicated, it is actually full of information and can be a valuable assistance when trading.

In fact, most of the brokers and even the specialist signaling software providers use this type of chart, colors are used to distinguish between whether the market is bearish or bullish and the highs and lows of the prices, both at opening and closing and the highs and lows of the day are extremely easy to distinguish.


Candlesticks have also become the default mechanism for automated trading software.  Not only can they provide easy feedback on the state of the market, they can also be used to establish patterns and then replicate them.  The high degree of accuracy in an automated software package will enable them to make the most of the information provided by the candlestick.

Is it the Best Trading Strategy for Binary Options?

Binary options allow you complete control over the amount of funds you are risking at any given point in time.  They can even be useful to traditional traders to enable them to decrease their risk should their main trade go wrong.   The advantage of trading in binary is the fact that you know the potential loss and profit before you commit to a trade.

In its simplest form traders simply need to decide whether the price of an asset will rise or fall.  Your trade then reflects this belief.  To ensure you break even you will need to win at least fifty five percent of your trades.  The best trading strategy for ensuring this result when using binary options is to implement the candlestick technique.

There are actually a number of different techniques which can be employed once you understand the data displayed by a candlestick.  One of these which has the potential to generate a good level of returns is the risk reversal.  You simply plot the chart for your required timeframe and then start the trade at the finish of one bar and end it when the next one starts.

If you are intending to trade long expiry dates you should trade after three low bars, short term trades can be placed after three high bars.  Ideally the fourth candle on your chart should have a short body which indicates limited price movement.

You can build on and improve any technique; in fact it is advisable to do so.  This will ensure the approach you use is the one which is best for your needs.

You can adjust the risks or the potential rewards by reviewing the size of the candle you are prepared to trade on.  It is also important to test any strategy before you risk any funds.