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Applying For A Loan

Common Problems Faced By Self Employed When Applying For A Loan

It is nice to be self employed. No hurry to reach the office by 10 a.m. sharp, no more abiding by the ridiculous rules set forth by your worthless and lousy senior and of...
Bad Credit Loan

How To Get A Bad Credit Loan In The Shortest Time Possible

There comes a time when the universe doesn’t seem to be completely on our side. We go through the loss of a job, a bad decision, or simply a financial predicament that led to...
Financially Secured Life

Don't Get Afraid But Fight The Zombie Loans For A Financially Secured Life

Have you heard about zombie or phantom loans? It is referred to the debts that are old (more than 3 years) and are forgotten long away. Also, they belonged to some to some other...

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