10 Advantages of Payday Loans

Payday loan is the most sought-after choice as a stop gap solution when you are short on cash to meet necessary financial obligations or exigencies. It is a small amount and short term loan that is designed to meet your immediate needs and escape the biter consequence of late bill payment, bounced cheques or other … Read more

How to Organise a Personal Savings plan?

Every Friday when you get your paycheck, you take out what you need for groceries, gas, rent and bills. The rest gets stuffed into your wallet and by the time the weekend is over, you’ve spent it on drinks out with the girls and shopping for things you truly don’t need. Next week, when your … Read more

Budgeting Tips on an Irregular Income

With many more people working freelance jobs, budgeting for an irregular income has become the norm for households with one or two income earners earning an irregular income. So how should freelancers budget for an irregular income? That’s a question many people are seeking an answer for, for it’s one thing to work here and … Read more

Personal Finance Tips for Students

There is no question about it; being a student is expensive. Gone are the days of lounging around with a large grant cheque to spend. Today’s students are hard-pressed to cover all their expenses over a minimum of three years. Then, on top of that, they are left with a large student loan to pay … Read more

Bankruptcy and Repossession

One of the dreadful terms that are forever engraved in the back of our minds is bankruptcy. It’s something the average person would avoid at all costs. While this is true, bankruptcy can actually save you from an even worse fate, such as repossession. Even though looked at as a catastrophe, bankruptcy is also the … Read more

How to Cut Costs for Your Business?

If you are anything like the majority of the population at this time, you’re looking for ways to trim down costs for your business. The economy in many countries is worse than ever, and business owners are looking for ways to cut corners while still maintaining high levels of customer service. By reducing certain expenses … Read more

More About Low Doc Home Loans

Owning a home is considered to be one of the all most important investments. This can however be a challenge at times depending on what you pay slip looks like. Most traditional lenders will give loans to people who are employed and have a consistent pay slip. People who work for themselves in sole proprietorship … Read more

Financially Surviving Divorce

In 2009, 44% of the 2,077,000 marriages ended in divorce. And while that number is expected to decrease by 2.5%, for 2011 it still represents a large part of the country splitting lives. You are not alone, but that doesn’t make it easier. There are generally two camps when it comes to divorce: one side … Read more