Tips to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Most people don’t know the art of growing money. There’s an old saying that if you care for your  money today, it’ll care for you tomorrow. People must have this saying etched in their minds forever, and it must affect their financial decision making. However, money management or being responsible with money is not that … Read more

Read The 6 Key Challenges to Saving Money

Is saving money easy? Or is it hard? Well, there’s no one word answer to it. It depends on two things; who is saving and under what condition. In this article, I’ll discuss the key challenges people face when they save. The introduction is a reminder that one must look inward to overcome the challenges, … Read more

Money Management Tips for Low Income People

In my opinion, anyone offering financial advice must define who their target audiences are, lest people following tips that are not meant for them. The tips I am going to share in this article all center around managing money. The tips are not for the high-earners or the middle-class. Some day, I will pen down … Read more

5 Money Saving Tips You Need to Follow

The world is grappling with a pandemic. There’s still no cure, and its aftermath in the economy has been devastating, to say the least. The only ray of hope is that the economy is slowly recovering after being in shambles for the last few months. We’ll see how things pan out in the next few … Read more

5 Money Saving Challenges Everyone Need to Follow

Money saving challenges have always fascinated me. These challenges are not like other challenges. Winning a challenge requires a combination of character traits besides a thorough knowledge of how money works – something that many people lac In my view, everyone should try money saving challenges at least once. Setting aside the obvious benefit, which … Read more

11 Tips to Save Money for the Holiday Travel

‘To travel is to live.’ Mostly, people think travelling is the best way to pass holidays. Travelling without luxury takes away half of the fun, making you tired easily. Shopping, luxurious hotels, and convenient travelling – all are not far-fetched dreams. To afford that, you need to preplan your holidays and to save money accordingly. … Read more