The Value Of Title Loans In A Troubled Economy

Being short on cash can be very stressful and a bit embarrassing. Sad to say, present day economic problems have caught many individuals ignorant when it comes to settling everyday expenses, emergency purchases, and medical costs.

Because of the said obstacles, even simple expenses such as new car tires or visits to the doctor can ruin monthly budgets. A lot of times, many turn to payday cash advances and credit cards to cover unexpected expenditures. On the other hand, it should be remembered that during tough times, there are always more viable choices: car title loans.

Why turning to auto title loans is a good option

Rather than rack up unwanted debts on credit cards that are already used up, individuals who need instant cash should turn to car title loans that are offered by Houston title loans and other reputable companies. This is because car title loans have low interest rates, do not need credit checks, and the money can be transferred to the borrower’s bank in no time.

Auto title loans explained

For those who have not heard of auto title loans, they are basically short term loans that require borrowers to use the title of their vehicle for collateral. This is essential since lenders offer loans that are very beneficial than conventional loans, they need to obtain their return of investment (ROI) in any legal way possible.

The whole application process is fast and convenient because of the prevalence of the Internet. Nowadays, borrowers can even apply for loans at the comfort of their home and without exposing themselves to identity theft.


In general, borrowers need to be of legal age (18 years old) and must own a car that has a market value of at least USD 2,500. The car that will be used as collateral need to be at least 10 years old, fully paid, and does not have any legal problem.

Borrowers also need to submit documents such as social security card, driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration, among others. Furthermore, borrowers need to send over at least four character references and a spare set of keys.


Car title loans are exceptional choices for individuals who need instant funding and do not want to accumulate unnecessary debts in the process. Instead of shelling out huge sums of money for interest rates and waiting for weeks for home equity loans approval, they can easily resolve their cash needs with convenient, secure, and appropriately priced auto title loans.