Want A Career In Finance – Here Are the Top 5 Popular Career Options

If you’re getting your degree in finance, there are many lucrative career options available to you after graduation, some of which can provide lasting careers in fields absolutely booming in spite of the economic problems that the country currently faces.

To help you find a viable path, here are 5 popular career options in the finance industry that you should consider:


Accountants organize, plan, strategize and advise on matters of finance and accounting. Some accountants may help individuals manage their portfolios while others may manage the accounts of a single company or even several companies. Accountants provide essential money management skills, and they are paid handsomely to do so, making this a much sought after career path. If you like to manage money and are naturally very organized, accounting may be a good career route for you.


An auditor can be a very lucrative career role, again because it can be quite lucrative. Auditors examine and analyze the finances of individuals or companies and produce organized reports based on their findings. Most major companies will hire an auditor at some point or other, making it a job that is almost always in demand. This is a particularly great choice if you enjoy analyzing and collecting data, as the role of auditing predominantly revolves around these two tasks.

Bank Teller

Once you’ve graduated with your bachelors degree in finance, you may want to consider becoming a bank teller. Bank tellers’ can earn surprisingly decent wages and banks are also highly like to promote from within, making this an entry level job to a lucrative career path. A bank teller’s role will usually consist of dealing directly with the client, which can involve handling things like cashing checks, processing loans and helping customers withdraw money. If you enjoy working with the general public, then becoming a bank teller could give you an excellent foot in the door to a lucrative career as a banker.

Personal Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor will advise their clients on how best to invest, manage and spend their money. Personal financial advisors watch the stock exchange, analyze the markets, the national and global economy, and advise their clients about the best possible financial moves and investments. If you enjoy economics and have a good eye for spotting upcoming trends and changes in the market, this could be a great career option for you.


One of the highest paying jobs available to finance graduates is to become a treasurer. Treasurers play a pivotal role of immense responsibility and influence, directing a company or corporation’s short and long term financial goals. In some cases, treasurers also manage the company or corporation’s investments and seek out capital raising opportunities for their firms. If you’re up for the challenge and enjoy taking on responsibility, becoming a treasurer could prove to be an immensely lucrative and rewarding job for you.

Of course, there are a plethora of other great financial careers out there, but this is just a handful of the best paying and most popular options available. Take on an internship or two during your time at college to get some real “hands on” experience in finance and you’ll have a better idea of what you like and don’t like, which will make your decision far easier. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of each industry before deciding to jump in, and good luck!