We Keep on Giving Promotional Pens and Here is Why it Works

The humble pens are a great way of showing your current as well as prospective clients that you are thinking of them and that they should be thinking of you too. Pens are great for creating magical tales and stories. They are also used to draw towering blueprints and sketches of gorgeous images. You can even list what you want to buy in grocery stores, all the while partially gazing at the logo printed on the pen.

Promotional pens are definitely the ultimate underdogs of the marketing world. They are remarkable in leaving an impression at home and at the workplace. The pen is literally the best thing you can hand people you want to see buying your products. Here are all the reasons why branded pens rock big time;

Cost Effective Options

If you want the bang for your buck, you need to invest in a pen. These are the least expensive items and because of their size, they are usually sold in bulk. Each pen costs you a lot less than the value it is delivering you.

High Usability

Promotional pens, on average, are used 18.2 times every month. They are the most tangible products available out of all the options. People are always borrowing pens and using them, making this channel the best to use to gain more exposure for your business. In fact, the Promotional Products Association International conducted a survey where they discovered that 79% of people who use promotional pens buy goods from the business.

Handy Business Cards Anyone?

Pens are like business cards that you can tuck in your pocket and use whenever you like. You can place all your information in a pen. We are talking telephone numbers, company names, emails and websites, everything your prospective client may need to get in touch with you and keep tabs on new products and events.

Pens Last Longer

Promotional pens have a longer shelf life than any other item out there. Conventional advertising campaigns, such as television, print and radio advertising, last for a definite time period. Using promotional pens gives your brand serious exposure and your business is remarketed for a very long time.

You Remember Getting a Pen over Getting a Flyer

Another research done by ASI found that writing instruments such as pens are the most highly recalled specialty items and are second to a promotional t-shirt, closely followed by promotional cap and printed bags.

Pens are Timeless

Sure promotional pens may seem a bit old school. Everyone in the marketing industry is usually giving away the trendiest thing on the block, but what they do not realize is that they fail to stand out. When you offer your prospective customers something that they can use, they are going to remember your brand. There is a reason why classics never go out of style! Likewise, the promotional pen is an all time classic.