When You Should Call Your Insurance Agent

Insurance is one of the best investments anyone can make to keep their future secure. There are several types of insurance policies, both personal and business, that keep your money & assets safe. For the most personal service, you should buy insurance from a local agent who will sit down with you and come up with a customized quote. Once you have insurance, don’t forget to call the agent when there is a problem. It is the agent’s obligation to help and advise you when you think you have a claim.

Assuming you have chosen to work with an insurance agency in Rochester NY, here are some situations when you shouldn’t hesitate to call your insurance agent.

Filing a claim:

This is the reason you opted to buy insurance in the first place. There have been instances when people have delayed informing the insurance agent about an accident for various reasons – including but not limited to odd hours. Don’t let that stand in the way of receiving the benefits you are entitled to! Call your insurance agent or the number that has been provided to you as soon as an accident or damage happens.

Problems with claims:

At times, the insurance agent has a third party independent claims adjuster who takes matters in to their own hand. This may lead to a less than smooth claim process which your agent needs to know about.

Add or remove:

You can add or remove beneficiaries and even properties from your insurance policy. Whether it is an estranged or deceased family member or a sold property, you can always call up your insurance agency in Rochester to make the necessary changes.


When the time comes, you might move to a new address.  Keep in mind that your insurance agent must be informed about the move. It is important to keep all your policies and documents updated with your agent.

Adding policies:

Early on, you may have taken out basic life, car insurance, and/or homeowners insurance. As you get older, improve your employment opportunities and develop more responsibility for family and property, you should speak with your local Rochester insurance agent to update and upgrade your policies.

These are just some instances that demonstrate when you should call your insurance agent. Generally speaking, you should call your insurance agent in Rochester whenever there is some change in your circumstances, whether it be your personal or professional life.  Your agent will take care of any updates and other paperwork required for the changes. And don’t forget to call your agent immediately in the event of an accident or catastrophe because that is when you need their help the most.