Do You Know Much About Your Finance?

When you are young and still have a variety of possibilities, you are told that you can do anything you want and have any profession you like. When you get older you enter university and master the profession that helps you to earn money in real world and to build your own financial life. You have income, spending, some savings, bank accounts, credits etc.

You were brought up in the old system, when people need to work and earn money in order to buy something, but they were not accustomed to take credits. They were making their name being trustworthy and some friends could lend them money.

There were the times when being a banker was very honourable work; people contacted them to ask for help in their financial life. And this was the beginning of todays model of banking system, when a specialist began to find out all your financial history to make the conclusion about your solvency.

But in the beginning there was no centralized system that was providing loan service. There were just several clever people who were able to understand the necessity of that time and to make a good conclusion. After some time they created unions that began to provide financial service. And people chose their help more often, they trusted them.

As the time went by such unions have been developing, making some rules and requirements. And they began to make some procedures that helped them to earn more money. In such a way they transformed into present banks and official services.

Today we have advanced system that put people in such a financial dependence, where you have your credit cards, you need to have a good credit score and to play according to the rules they have set. The society is caught in some kind of a trap. We learned that we are the consumers and we were made to like and want the newest and best items. But have anybody thought if they are really necessary to us?

Unfortunately now we have a lot of people who are quite financial uneducated, and as a result they pay much more money for these services that they cannot live without. As the opposite option to the bank system there is an easy loan service with quick approval that allows you not to have good credit history. This service tries to help different people independently on their previous financial life. And I think it can be a good alternative to a bank.

But still many people just do not pay attention to their budgets and the whole system of their spending and savings. They just live one day with no thought of future. And I think it is a big omission of our educational system that we do not learn how to deal with money in the school. The government needs to pay attention to this question in order to bring up clever and financially strong society.

Moreover the life has become very expensive and people just have no opportunity to develop. You still need to think about your retirement, but the salary you get is not so high that you can save much. And as a result we can see a strange, but maybe very expected, situation, when many pensioners leave our country in order to move to the country that provides cheaper level of life. And this tendency does not show any good features of our political and economical system.

In the conclusion I can say that each of us must become more financially educated and make our children know much more, because without such knowledge today we will not have a good future.